Start Statistics about sexual assault on college campuses

Statistics about sexual assault on college campuses

Anything less stacks the deck against the accused, and anything less exposes colleges to liability for violating the constitutional rights of its students.

Known around the world as “mattress girl,” Sulkowicz is an icon in the battle against sexual assault on university campuses, and one of 23 students from Columbia and Barnard who filed a federal complaint against their schools alleging their sexual-assault cases were mishandled. Department of Education is cracking down on universities for underreporting cases, taking too long to deal with them and not supporting victims in a sensitive way.

Since then, celebrities including Jon Hamm and Kerry Washington have joined the White House’s new “It’s On Us” campaign, which encourages everyone, especially men, to prevent on-campus sexual assaults. agreement to engage in sexual activity” or risk losing their funding. Here in Canada, the story couldn’t be more different, and more the same.

At the same time, the administration commenced dozens of open-ended investigations of universities — acting on claims that they were insufficiently committed to protecting women from rape and applying the new guidance to evaluate university policies. No American administration has the ability to rewrite the law by merely issuing a letter.

At the very least, the Obama administration should have conducted a notice-and-comment regulatory rulemaking process in accordance with the Administrative Procedure Act.

Last month, Carleton students donned “F–k Safe Spaces” T-shirts, and frosh at both St.

Mary’s University in Halifax and UBC in Vancouver were castigated last year for an offensive chant about non-consensual underage sex.

And they’re facing an avalanche of lawsuits from aggrieved students as a result. Schools have been caught between the hammer of an overzealous and lawless Department of Education and the anvil of private litigation. Follow the Constitution and potentially lose government funding.