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If a tradesman cannot provide a reference - a past client you can phone or call into and whose task matches the profile of your project, then move on to another who can. Following from the above, for larger projects you might want to get additional comfort from validating the contact details of your tradesman before you hire them.

), a company registration number (or business registration number if a sole trader) and a VAT registration number where applicable.

All small details, but something that will ensure that they are contactable if things should go wrong.

However, if you can't get the transparency and guarantees that you need, move on to the next quote. Back in the day most tradesmen were hired on the basis of a word of mouth referral from a neighbour.

In modern day Ireland this can prove problematic - with many busy professionals not having a close relationship with their neighbours.

Most professional tradesmen will have a portfolio of their work that they will readily show you.

They should also be able to stump up the contact details of a satisfied property owner who will validate their work.

While the majority of Irish tradesmen provide a professional service at the right price, there is still a minority who consistently fail to deliver.