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Middlesex county superior court cambridge ma

The plans included the removal of the 90,000 pounds of asbestos that had been used to fireproof the building during construction.

It is joined by the Middlesex County Superior Court located in Woburn, which shares similar cases and duties for the County.

Court and County Government Information courts info and locator Mass Offices / Agencies Superior Court Dept. We hired a medical expert who testified that because of prior head injuries she could not perform well on the field sobriety tests and that they should be discounted as they relate to the officers opinion of impairment.

The relocation grew out of a public fight a few years ago between court employees and lawyers and Chief Justice Robert A.

Otherwise, the judge will find enough compelling evidence that the crime/s has been committed as charged by the prosecution and will bind the case over to the Superior trial court.

The district court and the jail will remain in East Cambridge for the time being, as their relocation plans are finalized.

The Superior Court will maintain a small office on site to provide some clerical services, Sullivan said.

His staff is preparing to contact people with pending cases to tell them about the move, though the Trial Court has not yet informed him of the new mailing address or phone numbers, Sullivan said.