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However, the owner may remediate any noncompliant lead paint and re-inspect the unit prior to the inspector submitting the failing certificate to MDE.

If the renewal certification is not timely submitted to the Maryland Department of the Environment (MDE), the original certification is no longer valid.

All inspections must be performed by accredited inspectors.

The Maryland law contains requirements that are triggered when a tenant sends a “notice of defect,” which informs the property owner that there is peeling, chipping, or flaking paint, or when the property owner receives a notice from the local health department that there is a resident pregnant woman or child under six years of age with an elevated blood lead level.

Similarly, lenders whose loans are secured by multifamily housing have an interest in making sure their borrowers are in compliance.

Exterior surfaces include not just the outside of buildings, but also fences, play structures, and benches.

To maintain the limited lead-free exemption, property owners must have buildings re-inspected every two years.

When a rental unit passes the lead-contaminated dust test, the inspector provides a Lead Paint Risk Reduction Certificate (Form 330).