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Refrain fivm automated querying Do not send automated queries of any sort to Google's system: If you are conducting research on machine translation, optical character recognition or other areas where access to a large amount of text is helpful, please contact us. His story, told at length, might be lib many other stories of the same kind: the unconnected exclamations of his agony will perhaps be found a sufficient comment for the text of every heart. I BODE one evening with Count Maddalo Upon the bank of land which breaks the flow Of Adria towards Venice : a bare strand Of hillocks, heaped from ever-shifting sand. Such as from earth's embrace the salt ooze breeds, Is this; an uninhabited sea-side, Which the lone lisher, when his nets are dried. But a disease soon struck into The very life and soul of Peter — He walked about — slept — had the hue Of health upon his cheeks — and few Dug better — none a heartier eater. Which by the force of figured spells might win w Its way over the sea, and sport therein; For round the walls are hung dread engines, such As Vulcan never wrought for Jove to clutch Ixion or the Titan: — or the quick Wit of that man of God, St. And the lion Th&t wears them must be tamed My dearest lord, I see the new-bom courage in your eye Armed to strike dead the spirit of the time, Which spurs to rage the many-headed beast. Your Majesty has ever interposed, In lenity towards your native soil, Between the heavy vengeance of the Church n.] CHARLES THE FIRST. And, this game won — which if lost, all is lost — Gather these chosen leaders of the rebels, And call them, if you will, a parliament King. Hazlerig, Hampden, Pym, young Harry Vane, Cromwell, and other rebels of less note. not only the reprobate sous, but these favoured children « the common Father's love.

The broad star Of day meanwhile had sunk behind the hill, And the black bell became invisible, And the red tower looked grey, and all between w The churches, ships and palaces were seen Huddled in gloom; — into the purple sea The orange hues of heaven sunk silently. The self-impelling steam-wheels of the mind Which pump up oaths from clergymen, and grind The gentle spirit of our meek reviews 110 Into a powdery foam of salt abuse. Grentlemen of the Inns of Court, Citizens, Pursuivants, Marshalsmen, Law Students, Judges, Clerk. [Aloud] Fines and confiscations, 28* BCOEU.] CHARLES THE FIRST. my dear liege, take back the wealth thou gavest: With that, take all I held, but as in trust For thee, of mine inheritance: leave me but aos This unprovided body for thy service. The proselyte to a pure diet must be warned to expect a temporary diminution of muscular strength.

We hardly spoke, and soon the gondola Conveyed me to my lodgings by the way. Ruffling the ocean of their self-content; — 1 sit — and smile or sigh as is my b Snt, But not for them — Libeccio rushes round With an inconstant and an idle sound, 115 I heed him more than them — the thunder-smoke Is eathering on the mountains, like a cloak Folded athwart tlieir shoulders broad and bare ; The ripe corn under the undulating air Undulates like an ocean; — and the vines 120 Are trembling wide in all their trellised lines — The murmur of the awakenins^ sea doth fill The empty pauses of the blast: — the hill Looks hoarv throu'^h the white electric rain, And from the glens beyond, in sullen strain, 125 The interrupted thunder howls; above 78 LETTER TO MARIA GISBORNB. 125' And a forced loan from the refractory city, Will fill our cofifers: and the golden love Of loyal gentlemen and noble friends For the worshipped fatlier of our common country, With contributions from the catholics, 2»u Will make Rebellion pale in our excess. Have we not drained All, till the which seemed »5 A mine exhaustless? And the love which is, If loyal hearts could turn their blood to gold. Both now grow barren : and I speak it not As loving parliaments, which, as they have been In the right hand of bold bad mighty kings 300 The scourges of the bleeding Church, I hate. And a mind dedicated to no care Except thy safety: — but assemble not A parliament. The subtrac- tion of a powerful stimulus will suffice to account for this event But it is only temporary, and is succeeded by an equable capability for exertion, far surpassing his former various and fluctuating strength.

Maintain attribution Tht Goog Xt "watermark" you see on each file is essential for informing people about this project and helping them find additional materials through Google Book Search. Keep it legal Whatever your use, remember that you are responsible for ensuring that what you are doing is legal. -280 The Isle 282 Lines ("We meet not as we partkd") .... Circumstance : from the Greek Fragment of Sign's Elegt on the Death of Adonib Fragment of Moschus's Elegt on the Death of Bioh Pan, Echo, and the Satyr: from Moschus . 375 3U 3a 30 34S 346 Juvenilia Verses on a Cat 389 Fragment (" Hark ! 390 Epitaphium [Latin Version of Epitaph in Gray's Elegy] 390 In Horologium 391 Song from The Wandering Jew 391 Passage from The Wandering Jkw .... 3 rhe waste, but one dwarf tree and some few stakes lo Broken and unrepaired, and the tide makes Al narrow space of level sand thereon, Where 'twas our wont to ride while day went down. But a few natural friends, would hear him; The parson came not near his portal; His state was like that of the immortal Described by Swift — no man could bear him. To wakeful frenzy's vigil rages, As opiates, were the same applied* XVL Even the Reviewers who were hired To do the work of his reviewing. And worse and worse, the drowsy curse Yawned in him, till it grew a pest — A wide contagious atmosphere. Which fishers found under the utmost crag S6 Of Cornwall and the storm-encompassed isles. Rather say the Pope : London will be soon his Rome: he walks As if he trod upon the heads of men. Subdue thy actions Even to the disposition of thy purpose, And be that tempered as the Ebro's steel ; And banish weak-eyed Mercy to the weak, Whence she will greet thee with a gift of peace, iso And not betray thee with a traitor's kiss. 140 For a king bears the office of a God To all the under world; and to his God Alone he must deliver up his trusty nj CHARLES THE FIRST. [It seems] now as the baser elements i** Had mutinied against the golden sun That kindles them to harmony, and quells Their self-destroying rapine. That which would be ambition in a subject Is duty in a sovereign; for on him, iw As on a keystone, hangs the arch of life, Whose safety is its strength. The rabble, instructed no doubt By Loudon, Lindsay, Hume, and false Arcyll, (For the waves never menace heaven until Scourged by the wind's invisible tyranny) « Have in the very temple of the Lord Done outrage to his chosen ministers. There is no disease, bodily or mental, which adoption oi ' Lainhc'fl Kepor U on CBncer. 545 v*getable diet and pure water has not infallibly mitigated, wherever the experiment has been fairly tried.

Do not assume that just because we believe a book is in the public domain for users in the United States, that the work is also in the public domain for users in other countries. 282 Fragment : To the Moon 283 Epitaph 283 banslations Homer's Hymn to Mercury 284 Homer's Hymn to Castor and Pollux .... Fragment of Virgil's Tenth Eclogue The First Canzone of Dante's Conyito . rhis ride was my delight I love^all waste And solitary places; where we taste is The pleasure of believing what we see Is boundless, as we wish our souls to be : And such was this wide ocean, and this shore More barren than its billows; and yet more Than all, with a remembered friend I love jo To ride as then I rode; — for the winds drove The living spray along the sunny air Into our faces ; the blue heavens were bare, Stripped to their depths by the awakening north; And, from the waves, sound like delight broke forth « Harmonizing with solitude, and sent Into our hearts aerial merriment. Winging itself with laughter, lingered not, But flew from brain to brain, — such glee was ours, ao Charged with light memories of remembered hours, None slow enough for sadness : till we came Homeward, which always makes the spirit tame. XIIL His sister, wife, and children yawned, With a long, slow, and drear ennui. With adamantine nerves, grew tired; — Gaping and torpid they retired. Creeping like cold through all things near; A power to infect and to infest. His servant-maids and dogs grew dull; His kitten late a sportive elf, The woods and lakes, so beautiful. Where to the sky the rude sea rarely smiles Unless in treacherous wrath, as on the moru When the exulting elements in scorn 40 Satiated with destroyed destruction, lay Sleeping in beauty on their mangled prey, As panthers sleep; — and other strange and dread Magical forms the brick floor overspread Proteus transformed to metal did not make 45 More figures, or more strange ; nor did he take Such shapes of unintelligible brass, 76 LETTER TO MARIA GISBORNE. He looks elate, drunken with blood and gold; — «o Beside him moves the Babvlonian woman Invisibly, and with her as with his shadow, Mitred adulterer! He weaves about himself a world of mirth Out of the wreck of ours. I take with patience, as my Master did, All scofifs permitted from above. The wild million Strike at the eye that guides them; like as humours Of the distempered body that conspire iso Against the spirit of life throned in the heart, — And thus become the prey of one another, And last of death. Degree and form, And all that makes the age of reasoning man More memorable than a beast's, depend on this — That Eight should fence itself inviolably iw With power; in which respect the state of England From usurpation by the insolent commons Cries for reform. Fee with coin The loudest murmurers; feed with jealousies im Opposing factions, — be thyself of none ; And borrow gold of many, for those who lend Will serve thee till thou payest them ; and thus Keep the fierce spirit of the hour at bay, Till time, and its coming generations i7o Of nights and days unborn, bring some one chance, « « « « « Or war or pestilence or Nature's self, By some dis temperature or terrible sign, le as an arbiter betwixt themselves. They scorn the liturgy of the holy Church, Befuse to obey her canons, and deny The apostolic power with which the Spirit 225 Has filled its elect vessels, even from him Who held the keys with power to loose and bind, To him who now pleads in this royal presence. Debi Uty is gradually converted into strength, disease into healthfulness ; madness, in all its hideous variety, from the ravings of the fettered maniac, to the unaccountable irrationalities of ill temper, that make a hell of domestic life, into a calm and considerate evenness of temper, that alone might oflfer a certain pledge of the future moral reformation of society.

When the Count entered — salutations past; The words you spoke last night miglit well have cast A darkness on my spirit — if man be i« " The passive thing you say, I should not see ** Much harm in the religions and old saws " (Tho* I may never own such leaden laws) "Which break a teachless nature to the yoke: " Mine is another faith " — thus much I spoke ms And noting he replied not, added: "See "This lovely child, blithe, innocent and free, "She spends a happy time with little care "While M'e to such sick thoughts subjected are it it i UJJAN AND MADDALO. We climbed the oozy staiis lilt// ail old conn yard. xn L Lunches and snacks so aldermanic That one would furnish forth ten dinners, Where reigns a Cretan-tongufed panic, Lest news Buss, Dutch, or Alemannic Should make some losers, and some winner XIV. Stand like a man asleep, or baidk Some wishing guest of knife or fork, Or drop and break his master's plate. At night he oft would start and wake Like a lover, and began In a wild measure songs to make On moor, and glen, and rocky lake. Making that green which late was gvey, Or like the sudden moon, that stains Some gloomy chamber's window panes With a broad light like day. the shriek of the world's carrion jays, iso Their censure, or their wonder, or their praise? the quaint witch Memory sees In vacant chairs, your absent images. He will feel none of the narcotic effects of ordinary diet.

I heard on high, » 1V:n, fraementa of mo~t toaching melody, IJnt Iook:ii:^ up saw not the sin^ there — Ttittni^'h liie black ban in tbe tempestaous air I aaw, like weeds on a wrecked palace gtowmg, Iatij; taagled locks flung wiliider the women of the town do not form an association, like the Society ^^ the Suppression of Vice, for the support of what may be called the '*Kiiig, Church, and Constitution" of their order. At conversazioni — balls — Conventicles — and drawing-rooms — Courts of law — committees — calls Of a morning — clubs — book-stalls — Churches — masquerades — and tombs. And this is Hell — and in this smother All are damnable and damned; Each one damning, damns the other; They are damned by one another, By none other are they damned. Yet his was individual mind, And new created all he saw In a new manner, and refined Xiiose new creations, and combined Them, by a master-spirit's law, X. And all the while, with loose fat smile, The willing wretch sat winking there, Believing 'twas his power that made That jovial scene — and that all paid Homage to his unnoticed chair. Though to he sure this place was Hell; He was the Devil — and all they — What though the claret circled well, And wit, like ocean, rose and fell? And on the heart of man — VIIL And on the universal sky — And the wide earth's bosom green, — And the sweet, strange mystery Of what beyond these things may lie, And yet remain unseen. For in his thought he visited The spots in which, ere dead and damned. 63 XL For though it was without a sense Of memory, yet he remembered well Many a ditch and quick-set fence; Of lakes he had intelligence, He knew something of heath, and fell. He had also dim recollections Of pedlars tramping on their rounds; Milk-pans and pails; and odd collections Of saws, and proverbs; and reflections Old parsons make in burying-grounds. But Peter's verse was clear, and came Announcing from the frozen hearth Of a cold age, that none might tame The soul of that diviner flame It augured to the Earth. And points where once you sat, and now should be But are not — I demand if ever we im Shall meet as then we met; — and she replies, Veiling in awe her second-sighted eyes; "I know the past alone — but summon home "My sister Hope, — she speaks of all to come." But I, an old diviner, who knew well ho Every false verse of that sweet oracle. Irritability, the direct consequence of exhausting stimuli, would yield to the power of natural and tranquil impulses.

Nevertheless, this work is expensive, so in order to keep providing this resource, we liave taken steps to prevent abuse by commercial parties, including placing technical restrictions on automated querying. Julian, in spite of his heterodox opinions, is conjectured faj his friends to possess some good qualities. He seems, hj his own account, to have been disappointed in love. All these Beviews the Devil made Up in a parcel, which he had Safely to Peter's house conveyed. " cried he, "this is my reward For nights of thought, and days of toil? Stupid brains, while one might count As many beads as he had boroughs, — At length replies; from his mean front, Like one who rubs out an account. Mourning-coaches, many a one, Pollowed his hearse along the town : — Where was the devil himself? When Peter lieard of his promotion, His eyes grew like two stars for bliss: There was a bow of sleek devotion, Engendering in his back; each motion Seemed a Lord's shoe to kiss. He hired a house, bought plate, aud made A genteel drive up to his door. Tiie birds and beasts within the wood, The insects, and each creeping thing. And every neighbouring cottager Stupidly yawned upon the other: No jack-ass brayed; no little cur Cocked up his ears; — ^no man would stir To save a dying mother. Whoever should behold me now, I wist, is Would think I were a mighty mechanist. Hell is the pattern of all commonwealths: Lucifer was the first republican. Hasten and thrust, wo And parch up to dust, The eye of the beast, Who feeds on his guest. «« Scoop and draw, Tjut beware lest he claw Your limbs near his maw. Ptw MSt indeed wit Ji inexhaustible calamity is tlie renunciatioa ■( instinct, as it couceins our physical nature; arithmf W cannot enumerate, nor reason perhaps suspect, the mob- tudinous sources of disease in civilized life.

We also ask that you: Make non-commercial use of the files We designed Google Book Search for use by individuals, and we request that you use these files for personal, non-commercial purposes. How far this k possible the pious reader will determine. Ha was evidently a very cultivated and amiable person when in his right senses. For carriage, ten-pence Peter paid — Untied them — read them — went half mad. Do poets, but to be abhorred By men of whom they never heard, (Consume their spirits' oil? With sifted gravel neatly laid, — As if defying all who said, Peter was ever poor. The air, the winds of many wings, Tliat fan it with new murmurings. Were now a silent multitude; Love's work was left unwrought — no brood Near Peter's house took wing. XXIL Yet all from that charmed district went But some half-idiot and half knave, Who rather than pay any rent. Bent with sublime Archimedean art To breathe a soul into the iron heart Of some machine portentous, or strange gin. The engine of parliaments Might be deferred until I can bring over The Irish regiments: they will serve to assure S5o The issue of the war against the Scots. Will you hear Merlin's prophecy, how three posts 87o " In one brainless skull, when the whitethorn is full, Shall sail round the world, and come back again: Shall sail round the world in a brainless skull, And come back again when the moon is at full:" — When, in spite of the Church, S76 They will hear homilies of whatever length f28 CHABLES THS FIRST. Kven coiiim« water, that apparently innoxious pabulum, when corrupwl by the iilth of populous cities, is a deadly and iusidi Mi destroyer.' 'Who can wonder that all the induceraena held out by God himself in the Bible to virtue shouid have been vainer than a nurse's tale ; and tiiai ihi» dogmas, by which he has there excited and justitied tin most ferocious propensities, should have alone been deemed essential ; whilst Christians are in the daily practice of i Q those habits which have infected witli disease and criiw.

Public domain books are our gateways to the past, representing a wealth of history, culture and knowledge that's often difficult to discover. [with Queen Mab] 4301 431 4ttl 40: 46S 472 m 4» Ikdez of First Lines foe thk Two Volumes General Index 553 561 FKOXTISPIECH Shelley's Grave, painted and etched by \V. His pas- ^ons and his powers are incomparably greater than those of other men ; and, instead of the latter having been employed in curbing the former, they have mutually lent each other ' strength. Julian is an Englishman of good family, passionatelj attached to those philosophical notions which assert the power of man over his own mind, and the ifn Tn^^f Hw improvements of which, by the extinction of certain monl superstitions, human society may be yet susceptible. Sets those who stand her face inspecting, That face within their brain reflecting, like a crazed bell-chime, out of tune? Now Peter felt amused to see Shades like a rainbow's nse and flee, Mixed with a certain hungry wish.* XXVII. And I aiui you, ^ A famons river in the new Atlantis of the Dynas-tophylic Pantisocratlbbett. Hid among dim grey clouds on tlie horizon, "Which dance like plumes """" a hearse; — and hen I shall expect you. Until the night shall conquer it, I see Both by your dress and by the books in which You find delight and company, that you Are a great student; — for my part, I feel Much sympathy in such pnrsutta. ohap xix., on Dav Dt a the virtuous mind.) the tlionglits that r» In tin iesiroying infiniwnesa, gift With . Time is iir consciousness of the succession of ioea i our mind. makes the Anm seem long, as the common plinse because it niilers us more acutely conscious of oar m If a mind undred ideas dariti^ c minute, by hundred during anotits.

Marks, notations and other maiginalia present in the original volume will appear in this file - a reminder of this book's long journey from the publisher to a library and finally to you. His ambition preys upon itself, for want of objects yhichit can consider worthy of exertion. With- out concealing the evil in the world, he is for ever speculating how good may be made superior. So in his Country's dying face He looked — and lovely as she lay. Cobbett is, however, more mischievous than Peter, because he po Uutes a holy and now unconquerable cause with the principles of legitimate murder ; whilst the other only makes a bad one ridiculous and odious. The spider spreads her webs, whether she be In poet's tower, cellar, or barn, or tree; The silk-worm in the dark green mulberry leaves His winding sheet and cradle ever weaves; So I, a thing whom moralists call worm. From the fine threads of rare and subtle thought — No net of words in garish coloui*s wrought LETTEB TO MARIA GISBORNE. the latter t in children, there remain no traces of that instinct which determines, in all other animals, what aliment is natural or ; and so perfectly obliterated are they in the reasoning adults of 1 The nocessity of resortinj,' to some means of purifying water, and th^ disease which arises from its adulteration in civilized countries, is itnfiicientlv apparent ---See J)r. I do not assert that the v:*e of water is in itself unnatural, but that the unperverted palate would swallow no li ai the oej;ative.

^ Thia libel on our national oath, and this accusation of all ou men of being in the daily practice of solemnly asseverating enormous fal Mhood, I fear deserves the notice of a more active General than that here alluded ta PART IV. With little skill perhaps;— or how we sought no Those deepest wells of passion or of thought Wrought by wise poets in the waste of years, Stcdning their sacred waters with our tears; Quenching a thirst ever to be renewed! then indued i76 The language of a land which now is free, And winged with thoughts of truth and majesty. The pleasures of taste to be derived from s dinnf' of potatoes.