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: Well, you know, if they don't like someone, they can just let them know in casual conversation that they are "taken" or somehow not interested.

Anonymous: @3698: like the civil rights movement and the women's liberation movement, oppressed groups can be obnoxious when they stand up and "act out" with the newfound hope of being equally deserving of social acceptance.

She doesn't believe in chain letters: I think I have got to agree with Cuntfux. It's the damned drum beating, parade chanting, glow in the fucking dark rainbow attention whore fest, bull shit that most people get iratated with. Those prior three words are my only 'outwardly celebration of it.: Why is it that so many gay people have to claim a natural prismatic function of light for a lifestyle with an unnatural act? It's all the gay people shoving shit down everyone's throat that pisses people off about gays.: ^^ Agreed. It's not that people hate you, it's that you must feel ashamed and guilty on your own accord to think that you have to justify your sexuality by prancing around telling everyone that "you're gay and proud" when in fact they don't give a rats ass.

Also, having a gay man in the immediate family is a sign that you are 2x as fertile as other women/men Anonymous: I have no problem with gay guys. And they are just annoying as fuck in general.: It's not so much the sexual act as the values that accompany it.

Go to a "Pride" parade and look at the sick fucks walking around with their balls hanging out, dildos stuck to their heads, wearing gimp suits, etc.

I'm antitheist and I have very strong secular and family values.

You're looking for an answer that's beyond the scope of comments on C4C.

: I do hate double standards but I don't see one here. Having to put up with their antics is nothing compared to what they've had to endure.