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Shaina runs the Golden Thimble Boutique, which was set up by her mother, in the upmarket Kala Ghoda area of Mumbai. Shaina is quoted as saying: "It [saree] is ours, it belongs to us.

The younger generation need to be introduced to the garment." Shaina is often referred to as Queen of Drapes because of her fifty-four different ways of draping a saree.

Indian women traditionally wear a saree over a petticoat, but in one of her styles, Shaina wears a saree over trousers.

Twice participants shouted out to Ivanka, causing her to smile and giggle.

And when she mentioned the 350 American, business owners at the summit, eliciting shouts and woo hoos, Trump when she said they 'represent America's greatest talent,' the first daughter laughed and said, 'I think I found your section!

Her family has employed craftsmen for many decades who now work on sarees she has designed.

On 14 September 2004, Shaina joined Bharatiya Janata Party in the presence of BJP leader Gopinath Munde.

better known by her abbreviated name Shaina NC, is an Indian fashion designer, politician, and social worker.

A daughter of the former Sheriff of Mumbai, Shaina is known in the Indian fashion industry as the 'Queen of Drapes' for draping a saree (sari) in fifty-four different ways.

Shaina's mother, Munira Chudasama, has been in the fashion design industry for many decades.

Shaina began designing fashion at the age of eighteen when her mother was unwell; the collection of outfits she designed was a success.

She arrived early Tuesday morning and leaves on Wednesday.