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Dating military now

These “advertiser” lighters continue to be among collectors’ favorites.

That first Zippo lighter, produced in 1933, is on display at the in Bradford.

In the mid-30’s, Kendall Refining Company in Bradford, placed an order for 500 Zippo lighters. This initiative led to the production of the steel-case .

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These lighters are believed to be the first company-advertised lighters produced by Zippo and are highly prized collectibles. Upon America’s entry into the war in 1941, Zippo ceased production of lighters for consumer markets and dedicated all production to the U. The fact that millions of American military personnel carried the lighter into battle was a significant catalyst in establishing Zippo as an American icon throughout the world.

Supplying the military market resulted in full production for the plant and enabled Zippo to become financially strong and made it a viable company.

In 2013 Zippo launched a line of robust Zippo-branded is the company’s President and CEO.