Start Celebrating 100 days of dating

Celebrating 100 days of dating

But don’t fill it with your love confessions – you’re supposed to give your loved one a blank diary so he can record the significant events that happened to him (or you) in that year.

Organize friends to take them out to dinner at a favorite restaurant, or deliver flowers or another gift from you on the day.

If you’re stuck for gift ideas, check out this list of 70 awesome gifts for couples.

In fact, this may just turn into one of those anniversaries you are still reminiscing about years later: So if you’re far apart and stuck for ideas (or short on life-size cardboard cutouts) here are 9 other creative ways you could celebrate a long distance anniversary…

Then, once you’re set up, chat and eat/sip just as you would if you were out together.

Not just “at the staircase” kind of public, but in a crowded place.

July 14: Silver Day Couples exchange silver accessories (like couple rings) on this day as a symbol of their love (thank goodness it’s not gold or our wallets would be crying).

Then, put the letters or notes in a capsule, to be sent to one another or exchanged and opened when you are physically together again.