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Campus sex comic

show with a lineup of part-time, developing comics who clock in as teachers each morning of the workweek.

They might assume it’s a birth defect, but they might think it was a horrible accident.” Crespo says at first he didn’t want to comply for fear of being perceived as merely a sympathy case by the audience, but today accepts his teacher’s point as undeniable fact.

Guided journal based on my book SOPPY.192 pages long. Order in the US from: Indie Bound Barnes & Noble Amazon Order in the UK from: Page 45Waterstones Amazon Illustrations for the book "Life After Transplant: An Essential Guide to Sex and Relationships" made by Anthony Nolan, the fantastic charity who help patients with blood cancer.

A diary for two people to document their lives and relationship together. I was particularly pleased to work with this charity because they helped my mum in 2014 when she had a stem cell transplant using stem cells from an Anthony Nolan donor.

He has always enjoyed stand-up comedy, but after watching an hour-long special from Louis C. around 2010, Crespo began to wonder about launching a career as a comic – though he had no confidence to get on a stage.